First Ever Visual Map with RNG/Biomethane Projects is Live

RNG/Biomethane Projects Visual Map includes not only information on the operational projects, but pictures and videos featuring the specific projects to showcase the industry and promote the awareness of this renewable energy type.

BiogasWorld rolled out the first ever visual map featuring RNG/biomethane projects. This project has been partially funded by Natural Resources Canada. 

RNG Projects Visual Map provides the information on existing RNG/biomethane projects in Canada and abroad. This information is helpful not only to professionals working on RNG/biomethane projects, but also for communities, farmers, educational institutions, and industries who want to learn more about RNG/biomethane, and explore this fascinating clean energy technology.

The first edition of the map contains over 600 operational projects from the North America and Europe and is available for free. The next edition planned for the early 2024 will add information on additional operational plants and projects in construction. Additionally, the ability for biogas and RNG professionals to add their own projects will also be available.


About BiogasWorld

BiogasWorld is a business generation network and project support platform, connecting the suppliers of products and services with project developers. BiogasWorld delivers services via BiogasWorld and Biogas Community  platforms.


About Clean Fuels Awareness Program

To advance clean fuels awareness, Natural Resources Canada provides funding to innovative projects that aim to address awareness and knowledge gaps among Canadians on clean fuels and clean fuels technologies across all industry/commercial applications and in the general population. More information on Clean Fuels Awareness Program is available HERE (


For more information, please contact

Natalia Bourenane, General Manager, BiogasWorld

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