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Biogas Community is the community for the professionals on biogas and biomethane projects that aims to grow our industry via exchange of business and funding opportunities, networking, documents share and other activities.


A deep-rooted history in the biogas industry, Biogas Community is the result of the decades of experience connecting the professionals that work on biogas and biomethane projects. Providing open-source information, business opportunities, market intelligence and networking, Biogas Community is essential to the industry growth.

Market Intelligence

Support your business development efforts and grow your business by getting access to market intelligence and tools.

Online Promotion

Promote your business in biogas and biomethane industry and generate business opportunities.

News & Events

Stay up-to-date with the industry’s latest news, upcoming in-person events and online webinars. 

Project & Business Leads

Access public and private business opportunities and get more leads for your business; find funding and grant opportunities for your projects.

Industry Networking

Connect with existing and potential clients, partners and other industry stakeholders.

Tools & Ressources

Access tools and ressources to answer all your biogas-related questions and help kickstart your new project.

The numbers speak for themselves

Join over 3,000 biogas industry professionals and start growing your business today!

Members & collaborators


Find industry professionals, exchange the information, news, developments and documents using biogas community.

Find suppliers and partners


Obtain quotes for your project and communicate directly with product suppliers and services providers to kickstart your project.

Business leads shared


With more than 1000 public and private bids per year, browse industry leads, get informed about new business opportunities and grow your business.

Your dream project awaits.

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