Numerous Exciting Projects for RNG Awareness in Canada are Underway

In July 2023, NRCan published the list of projects funded by the Clean Fuels Awareness Program that aims to educate and create awareness about clean fuels in Canada.

This initiative is important especially for the Renewable Natural Gas sector in Canada, as the lack of understanding towards biogas and RNG production and its benefits may sometimes delay projects and put unnecessary pressure on all project stakeholders.

The following RNG Awareness Projects are approved by Natural Resources Canada:

  • BC Bioenergy Network Association: Life Cycle Assessment Training and Certification
  • BiogasWorld: Social acceptability – Project developers’ resources
  • BiogasWorld: RNG Visual Projects Map
  • Canadian Biogas Association: Biogas & RNG Awareness Initiative
  • Canadian Gas Association: Improving Awareness: A Foundation for RNG & H2 in Canada
  • Institut de technologie agroalimentaire du Québec : Training in agricultural biomethanization
  • Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association: Renewable Natural Gas Awareness Project

BiogasWorld is proud to work on two RNG awareness projects that will boost RNG industry development. More details on these projects are available HERE.

About Clean Fuels Awareness Program

To advance clean fuels awareness, Natural Resources Canada provides funding to innovative projects that aim to address awareness and knowledge gaps among Canadians on clean fuels and clean fuels technologies across all industry/commercial applications and in the general population. The list of all projects awarded under Clean Fuels Awareness Program is available HERE.

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