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February 15 - March 7, 2024




Benefit from over 30 years of experience in biogas training!

This online course takes place every Tuesday and Thursday and you can choose the module that interests you most...Or enroll into the entire training for a big discount.

And since it's spread out over several weeks, you won't have to allocate one or even two full weeks to attend.

Here's an overview over all 14 event modules:

1. Overview & predictions for the biogas industry
2. Decision criteria and feasibility calculations
3. Technical plant design & equipment selection
4. Substrate selection & waste treatment technology
5. Pre-treatment of biogas substrates & pump technology
6. Theory & practice of digester biology in AD
7. Digestate treatment, upgrading & marketing
8. Process control of biogas plants
9. Building materials for biogas plants
10. Safety features & monitoring
11. Biogas upgrading, utilisation & biomethane infrastructure
12. Green gas, Bio-LNG & biomethane mobility
13. Biogas upgrading units - measuring techn. & maintenance
14. Q&A-Session