The Digestate Report 2023 is Out

The 2023 Digestate Report is a professional overview of digestate and its use, summary of the rules and regulations surrounding digestate management in major markets, and a catalogue of digestate management suppliers.

The report presents the benefits of digestate valorisation as an organic fertiliser and describes the various practices of effective digestate management entail. It also includes challenges in digestate management, future developments, the costs of digestate treatment in various jurisdictions, and an overview of the rules and regulations are regarding digestate in 17 countries. 

New for this year: BiogasWorld has revamped the digestate equipment supplier catalogue to create a more interactive and user-friendly tool for finding the best equipment for your biogas and RNG/biomethane project.

The report is available to BiogasWorld’s members with Business Standard, Business Premium and Project Support Plans via Biogas Community (check out Business Intelligence section under Resources Tab).

The online catalog is accessible at

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