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Workshop: Expansion of agricultural-based biogas production in the EU

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August 15, 2023


Tjele, Denmark


We invite you to participate in the upcoming workshop organized as part of the ALFA project, which aims to support the spread of biogas solutions in livestock farming in the EU and especially Denmark.

Together, we will create support solutions and measures for the spread of biogas systems for livestock farming. Your valuable input will help to validate and prioritize the most important barriers, areas for improvement and needs for the deployment of biogas systems. By contributing your expertise, we can develop tailored support services for farmers, which the ALFA project will offer free of charge in later phases. ALFA's support actions will include business, financial and technical support services as well as information campaigns and capacity building seminars.

The ALFA project is a collaborative project between parties in Denmark, Greece, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Slovakia and Germany. Services developed in the project will be offered in these countries via the national hubs.

More specifically, your participation in the workshop can provide several benefits, including:

  • Gain insight into the latest trends and practices in biogas solutions for livestock based on successful case studies from your region
  • Meet with key stakeholders to identify potential opportunities and challenges for the deployment of biogas solutions in livestock farming
  • Meet with industry actors and researchers to identify the needs in Denmark in relation to policies and legislative frameworks to support the spread of biogas solutions
  • Get insights from experts about the current obstacles to the market uptake of biogas
  • Academics/researchers:
  • Create networks with industry actors, decision makers and representatives from all over Europe
  • Gain insight into the latest trends and practices within biogas solutions for livestock farming, as well as current challenges
  • Hear about successful case studies from across Europe