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Valuing bioCO 2 from methanization? Publication of a new guide to understand the issues and apprehend the stages of a project (FR)

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June 20, 2023




The purification of biogas, which allows the production of biomethane, consists in separating the CH4 from the CO². This biogenic CO² is, unlike its fossil counterpart, neutral for the climate. This deposit of 98% pure carbon dioxide is today rejected by the vent of the units and is not valued even though it has a market and environmental value. Biomethane production sites produce approximately 0.1 TCO² per MWh of injected biomethane. On the scale of the 514 current sites, around 780 ktCO2 biogenic were produced in 2022. In France, around 500 kt of CO² are used each year, of which around 70 to 80% in the food industry. This CO² comes mainly from fossil resources: fertilizer or steam reforming plants using natural gas as a raw material,

This windfall of biogenic CO² from methanization could, with already mature technologies, respond to recurring shortages of CO² while reducing the GHG emissions of its consumers.

As part of its public service mission, GRDF supports the development of the biomethane sector by supporting the implementation of innovative solutions for the recovery of biogenic CO² adaptable to small methanization units. The "Call for projects" (AAP) open innovation mechanism set up by GRDF from 2021 provides regional funding and support for project leaders, studies or key technical solutions for the development of valuation. From 2022, studies (feedback from technical experience, market studies, comparative studies) financed by GRDF AAPs have led to the identification of viable economic models as well as the improvement of innovative technical processes.

Taking the point of view of project leaders, a new guide capitalizes on feedback from these calls for projects to support the structuring and development of the bioCO² sector.

Two experts for this interactive webinar:

Alice L'HOSTIS from the Biogas and Methanization Technical Center , pilot of the CO2 working group within the Strategic Committee for the New Energy Systems sector.
Fabien MICHEL , manager of the Voltigital company specializing in the capture and recovery of CO², main author of the guide.