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Training program composting of the KBVÖ

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November 16 - 17, 2023




The demands on compost plant operators, but also on planners, consultants and experts are constantly increasing. Therefore, the KBVÖ decided more than 2 years ago to put together its own training program . Registration for the individual modules can be found here .


Module 1, basic course on rural composting : This module is primarily designed for interested farmers, consultants and teachers and is offered in cooperation with the University of Agricultural and Environmental Education

Cost per participant:

This course is free. Meals and overnight accommodation must be provided by the participants themselves.


Module 2 AWG/EDM course : A must for every composting plant operator! Obtain the qualification as a permit applicant according to §24a AWG and learn how the waste quantities are correctly documented and reported.

Cost per participant of the AWG course:
members and students (<26) €260 excl. 20% VAT, non-members €350 excl. 20% VAT (incl. course documents, coffee breaks with snacks and lunch)

Costs per participant EDM eADok course:
members and students (<26) €50 excl. 20% VAT, non-members €90 excl. 20% VAT (incl. course documents and coffee break)

Combined price: If you book both events, you will receive a discount of €25 excl. 20% VAT


Module 3 Composting Course : Composting is a craft. Therefore, our experts will bring you closer to the theoretical and practical basics. Recommended for beginners and certainly also for advanced users and long-term composters!

Cost per participant:

Members € 250.00 plus 20% VAT


Module 4.1 Managing director module : This module deals with the areas of business law, employee protection, personnel management and marketing.

Workshop "Liability risks of a managing director under commercial law of a compost/biogas plant": In addition to a general overview of forms of liability and possibilities for reducing liability in Austria as well as the appointment and tasks of managing directors under commercial law of compost/biogas plants, the focus of the event will be on the most important commercial law regulations for the area of ​​compost/biogas.

Part of the event will also deal with concrete examples and questions from practice, and the participants are invited to actively contribute their own experiences.


Seminar content:

  • What forms of liability are there in Austria?
  • How can the liability risk be reduced?
  • What are the relevant legal bases of the trade regulations? What is regulated by professional law, what by plant law?
  • What other types of responsible persons are there?
  • What are important regulations for compost/biogas plants?
  • What are possible penalties for misconduct and who is liable?
  • Discussion of practical cases of the workshop participants




Cost per participant:

Members € 350.00 plus 20% VAT

Non-members € 450.00 plus 20% VAT