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SPACE 2023

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September 12 - 14


Rennes, France


the SPACE, located in Rennes, a strategic and unique position in the heart of a large breeding region in Europe (79,239 farms in this region of the Great West, comprising 57% of French production of meat poultry , 73% of the French pig herd, 52% of French dairy production..., in France, 1st cattle herd in the European Union, 1st European producer of table eggs...), considered as the 2nd World Fair bringing together all livestock sectors is THE unmissable show where representatives from all over the world meet for 3 days.
SPACE is a real reference in terms of innovation, as evidenced by the success of our Innov'Space operation, which has rewarded innovations in the livestock sector since 1995. It is also a place for quality information and exchanges. which hosts a hundred conferences and symposiums. We are also setting up a space led by the Chambers of Agriculture, a space for demonstrations and exchanges with experts with a defined theme, each year, closer to the expectations of breeders to enable them to anticipate and reflect on the issues. of tomorrow: Space for tomorrow. This year, the theme will be Energy, and will deal with energy savings, and also how to be an energy producer.
We are honoring the energy sector this year in our Show and are reorganizing SPACE by dedicating 1 hall to this subject (our Show covers more than 16 Ha including 11 halls and approximately 240 stands in the open air). Indeed, we observe that breeders, who are bearing the full brunt of the rise in the cost of raw materials, production costs and energy, are expressing more and more interest in this sector (in the face of the observed and expected increase the price of fossil and nuclear energies, and the energy expenditure of farms, better economic performance is also sought by the gain in energy autonomy).
SPACE welcomes 90,000 professional visitors, including 40,100 French breeders (and 8,400 foreign visitors from 120 countries).
For your information, here are all the activities referenced at SPACE in the energy sector (with the corresponding number of exhibitors in 2022):
- BIOGAS (50)
- SOLAR (39)