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Progress in Manure and Digestate

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January 23-25, 2024




International Online Conference


Conference Language: English

Things are happening – fermentation product use and processing as an opportunity.

We’re looking back at a crazy 2022, with high fertilizer prices and very strong demand for fermentation products as fertilizers. In addition, we still face the social challenge of protecting ground and surface waters from nutrient inputs. This manifests itself, for example, in greater restrictions on nutrient use (key words: “red areas”, “yellow areas”).

At the same time, plant technologies continue to develop and once innovative processes are now almost a standard application, e.g. evaporation technology. Other processes are promising and offer tie-ins to industrial processes, but are still looking for the big breakthrough into the mainstream.

Where it’s all going? We don’t know. But we do know that you, as practitioners, researchers, equipment manufacturers or technology providers, are working on the topic, making future solutions possible. We invite you to present your work and/ or results at our conference.

Under the motto “Science meets practice”, we are organizing a 3-day conference that will focus on the latest scientific findings and successful examples of implementation.

In addition to the current state of the art, the main topics will include advances in the bioeconomy and sustainability, as well as outlooks into promising innovations and new research approaches.

Topics of the conference

  1. State of the art
  2. Bioeconomy, biorefinerie
  3. Climate-positive circular agriculture
  4. Biochar & pyrolysis: synergies in the biogas process
  5. Results & experiences from practice
  6. Occupational safety &amp health protection
  7. Innovations, outlook into the future
  8. Business forum