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proBIOGAS #International

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2-11 May, 2023


Stuttgart, Germany


When: 02.–11. May, 2023
Course language: English
Where: Steinbeiszentrum, Stuttgart, Germany
Nearest airport: Stuttgart (<10 km)
  • Biogas plant operators & staff
  • Farmers planning to operate an AD facility
  • Government officials engaged with AD
  • Academic institutions
  • Investors
We're getting ready for our international biogas training, taking place May 2nd–11th this year.
This is our 8-day flagship course where we discuss all things about biogas on a level of depth no one else does (trust us on this).

We also go out, visit 4 unique biogas plants and show you the practical aspects of operating a biogas plant day in, day out.

Plus: very often we're blessed with great wheather during those plant visits which makes them even more picturesque as we cross the South German countryside :)

And, of course, cultural aspects are a big part of this event. That means on the weekend, you get to enjoy everything Stuttgart has to offer.

So if you feel like your biogas expertise could take a bit of polishing... or if you're completely new to biogas and want to explore what it's all about... in the cradle of the biogas movement in Southern Germany...

Or if you're running a biogas plant but have pressing, urgent questions or challenges in your day to day operation, whether it's process biology, engineering aspects, your feedstock, or something else...

I ask you to check out the program of this training right now and see if it's a good fit for you.

All you have to do is click the blue button below that says "Program Preview and Registration".

This will take you to the event page where you'll discover all the details.

And thank you for your time.

Your IBBK Team