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Mapping organic waste in Sydney

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August 1, 2023




Join the launch of the new RACE for 2030 research report:
‘Mapping organic waste in Sydney: advancing anaerobic co-digestion for energy generation and GHG reduction’ 

This new research identifies the energy potential from urban organic waste in Sydney, including co-digestion at wastewater treatment plants. The research addresses the cross sectoral opportunities of diversion of organic waste from landfill and bioenergy generation from anaerobic digestion.

We will present the results from the research spanning the waste, wastewater and energy sectors, including summaries of the:

•    opportunities for urban bioenergy to meet cross-sectoral policy objectives
•    maps of estimated available organic waste resources and potential bioenergy
•    avoided GHG emissions and other benefits
•    stakeholder analysis
•    new analysis framework

We will be seeking feedback and comments on the research presented and provide the opportunity for participants to share their thoughts on next steps and opportunities for collaboration.

The final report is now available here.

•    Andrea Turner, UTS
•    Melita Jazbec, UTS
•    Tracey Colley, Program Leader, RACE for Business
•    Benjamin Madden, UTS

This research was made possible by the support of our partners: Bayside Council, Blacktown City Council, Jemena, NSW Environment Protection Authority, Office of Energy and Climate Change (OECC) (NSW), Penrith City Council, Randwick City Council, Sydney Water and Sustainable Advantage.

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