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European Biomethane Week

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October 24 - 26


Brussels, Belgium


A must-attend event for producers, users, investors and legislators involved in the deployment of biogases across Europe.

+ 500 participants
+ 40 speakers
Expo area
Networking opportunities
Side events

Why should you be there?

Europe must deploy 35 bcm of biomethane by 2030.

This will slash greenhouse gas emissions and strengthen the EU’s strategic energy and technological autonomy. Biogas and biomethane impact reaches much further than their contribution to renewable energy.

Biomethane is the cheapest and most scalable form of renewable gas available today and provide long-term socio-economic and environmental benefits, supporting the transition to a more sustainable and circular economy.

The biogas value chain is actively working on the development of the sector to contribute to energy security in the EU. Sound policies and coherent planning are paramount to securing investments in the growth of the sector. 

A NEW CONCEPT: European Biogas Conference becomes the flagship event within the European Biomethane Week

The 1st edition of the European Biomethane Week builds on the European Biogas Conference, the flagship event of the European Biogas Association (EBA). This new concept is supported by the Biomethane Industrial Partnership (BIP) and will showcase the development of biogases across Europe with:

  • A high-level European Biogas Conference with top-notch speakers to stir up stimulating discussions;
  • An Expo area sparking creative and innovative thinking;
  • The EBA Awards ceremony and gala dinner showcasing biogas frontrunners;
  • Boots on the ground: a site visit open to policy makers and other participants
  • Unmatched networking opportunities and side-events.
The European Biomethane Week will offer multiple opportunities to engage, get insights and explore the most relevant topics for the biogases industry:

  • What role will biogases play in a Net-Zero Era?
  • What is the added-value of biogases as drivers of the European Bioeconomy?
  • How will member states bring the 35 bcm target into reality?
  • How to ensure the contribution of biogases is fully recognized and ramped up in every sector?
  • Sustainability and security as key pillars of a forward-looking sector.
  • What trends will drive the biogases industry of tomorrow?

Who else will join?

  • High-level stakeholders from the renewable gas industry;
  • Representatives from key areas for the development of the biogas industry, including the transport and agrobusiness sectors, as well as financers and end-users;
  • Researchers and academia working on innovative renewable gas technologies to develop our industry;
  • Influential policy-makers for the biogas sector in Europe.
More details about registrations, preliminary programme, EBA Award applications, sponsorship opportunities and media partnerships will be disclosed end of March. Stay tuned!