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Energy bubble - Breakfast seminar on the EU's new emissions trading system EU ETS 2 (SWE)

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October 13, 2023




On 14 July 2021, the Commission presented proposals for revisions to the EU emissions trading system as part of the Fit for 55 package. The revisions to the emissions trading directive were adopted in May 2023. The amendment directive includes, among other things, a completely new emissions trading system for the transport and construction sectors as well as certain industries, heating and cogeneration plants that are not currently included in the existing emissions trading system.

The new system is called ETS2 and is a separate trading system with its own emission ceiling and emission rights. The emissions trading system is to start in 2027, but already from 2025, the actors concerned must hold permits for emissions of greenhouse gases and monitor and report emissions. Historical emissions for the year 2024 must also be reported.

Unlike the existing trading system, ETS2 is an upstream system. The requirements for monitoring emissions and the obligation to surrender emission rights are not linked to the user of fuel and emission source. Instead, the obligation lies with, for example, producers, distributors and importers who put the fuel on the market. The implementation time on the Swedish market is short and it is still not completely nailed down what the system will look like.

We have therefore invited the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency to provide answers to what the new system means, who in the gas market is covered, important points to keep an eye on, what is still unclear and much more. There will of course also be time for questions and discussions.

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