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Biogenic CO2 from anaerobic digestion – Storage, use and credits

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July 4, 2023




Photosynthesis is the most efficient way of removing CO2 from the atmosphere. Through anaerobic digestion (AD), CO2 can be captured for storage or use. CO2 is a strategically important gas in manufacturing, particularly across the food production chain. The Minister for Food warned at the turn of the year that “the UK is reliant on imports leaving us exposed and vulnerable to shocks.“ Marking the launch of ADBA’s fourth Biogas Insight pamphlet Biogenic CO2 from AD this webinar will examine fossil versus natural carbon cycles, their impact on global warming and the role of anaerobic digestion (AD) in producing carbon-neutral, biogenic CO2 as an alternative to environmentally harmful fossil CO2. All organic matter and all AD feedstocks are sources of natural CO2. The webinar and pamphlet will describe how to produce biogenic CO2 from AD, where it can be used (notably food and beverage production), how it is stored, distributed and the demand for it.


Chris Huhne,

Wasundara Doradenyia,
Policy Analyst,