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7th Biomethane Congress & Expo

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from 2024-05-21 to 2024-05-22


Poznań, Poland


Biomethane Congress
The seventh edition of the Biomethane Congress is coming in May 2024. This year the publisher of Magazyn Biomasa invites representatives of the biogas and biomethane sector to Earth Hall in Poznań on 21-22 May 2024. Due to the fast-growing interest in biomethane around the world, increased by the geopolitical situation and Russian aggression on Ukraine, Poland is also becoming more and more invested in this hot topic. Especially in the last months, the lawmakers seem to have noticed biomethane’s great potential and the role it can play in ensuring the country’s energy security. During the 7th Biomethane Congress we will look closely at this fascinating subject and try to answer the question of whether a breakthrough awaits us.This industry meeting is for:
- investors in new biogas plants
- owners of operating biogas installations
- technologists and managers of waste biogas plants and treatment plants
- owners of large farms and agri-food processors
- representatives of fuel, transport and energy-intensive industries
- technology and equipment suppliers
- energy sector representatives
- Polish and European biogas associations
- representatives of state and local government administration.