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39th International Scientific & Expert Meeting of Gas Professionals

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May 8-10, 2024


Opatija, Croatia


Croatian Gas Center Ltd. and Croatian Gas Association, member of te International Gas Union (IGU), proudly announce the 39th International Scientific & Expert Meeting of Gas Professionals, which will be held from 8th to 10th of May, 2024 in Opatija, Croatia.

One of the best-known three-day international gas conferences & exhibitions in Central and South-East Europe will once again gather 500 distinguished gas and energy experts and managers from various gas companies and institutions as well as 40 exhibitors from 20 and more countries who will discuss the current gas and energy topics. Conference will cover a number of current issues relevant to the gas economy and energy industry that stretch along the entire natural gas chain as well as the key issue that will determine the development of natural gas markets in the near future.

In addition to verbal presentations of scientific and professional papers on conference topics and technical and commercial presentations of individual companies, a poster session will be held, featuring papers by numerous experts from different energy sectors. Participation on the congress provides about 14 school hours of scientific and professional education on the subject of gas, energy sources, fundamentals of technical regulations as well as thermo-technical systems and facilities.

The conference will be followed by the Gas Equipment and Technology Exhibition which will bring together many local and foreign exhibitors, mainly manufacturers and dealers of gas equipment, as well as many other renowned companies which will present its advanced technical solutions for the gas and energy industry.

All companies – gas market participants are invited to take advantage of this unique opportunity to present its products, services and projects by exhibiting gas equipment and other advanced gas technologies solutions, promotional posters, leaflets and brochures on indoor and outdoor exhibiton units.

Sponsorship of this established gas event provides a unique opportunity for companies to strengthen their position, showcase expertise and new technical solutions needed to overcome the challenges of the gas economy industry.

Networking, targeted topics and reputable speakers represent a combination of science, education, profession and business entities that actively participate in the gas industry.

If you have the service or technology you want to offer to the gas industry, this event is the best platform for interaction and direct communication with a targeted market.