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Commissioning Engineer

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Remote - This role could be located in either Carlsbad or Rhode Island or Charlotte.



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Friday, July 14th 2023

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Job Description

This role reports to the Director of Project Execution.


Commissioning Engineer Goals

  • Ensure planning, coordination and cooperation between sub-contractors and vendors on site.
  • Ensure the application on the highest safety standard in the start-up and commissioning phase as well as the full compliance to the safety rules.
  • Fulfill the agreed reporting with reliable data and within the requested deadline.
  • Ensure that all equipment supplied by Anaergia and plant functional tests have been carried out.
  • Establish and maintain the Commissioning Program.
  • Ensure relevant documentation is in place.
  • Ensure correct procedures are followed.
  • Ensure a safe system of work is established and maintained
  • Coordinate training and ensure that training programs are completed as specified.
  • Provide/assist in training activities on the relevant equipment
  • Produce Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS) for specific commissioning activities as required.
  • Review the RAMS of sub-contractor commissioning or undertaking remedial work on the plant
  • Manage the activities of sub-contract commissioning teams.
  • Report non-conformance issues to the Commissioning Manager.
  • Update drawings and operational documentation to reflect changes made during the commissioning phase.
  • Ensure that Site Acceptance Tests (SAT’s) are completed, defects recorded, and arrangements made to rectify any plant faults.

Commissioning Engineer Tasks

  • Prior to start of commissioning, obtain all up to date As-Built documentation (Drawings, test sheets, contingency plans). Retain a copy of this on site.
  • Carry out the commissioning process and tests in accordance with approved procedures and checklists, identify additional requirements for testing as required, prepare documentation and procedures to allow commissioning activities and ensure commissioning activities are carried out in a safe manner. o Monitor and plan the delivery of supplies and service (expediting & logistic) unless it is not covered by supply chain
  • Manage the activities of sub-contract commissioning teams.
  • Manage directly and/or via contractors the Quality Assurance / Quality Control;
  • Provide technical knowledge for all areas of the plant.
  • Arrange for operations staff to attend scheduled training sessions
  • Follow and adhere to the commissioning schedule;
  • Maintain works methodologies, contractor test plans and equipment check-sheets;
  • Coordinate all resources involved in site activities, both internal or external (outsourcers/sub-contractors), either through the updating and distributing of detailed schedule and/or setting regular site meetings;
  • Early identification of project risks for and early adoption of appropriate countermeasures;
  • Manage relationship with vendor and sub-contractor for what is concerning technical issues and organization of tasks, including technical correspondence, leaving to the PM the management of contractual related communication;
  • Complete relevant commissioning test sheets.
  • Manage and update defects/punch lists.

Job Qualifications

Education: Holds a technical diploma or graduation in: Civil Engineering / Mechanical engineering/ Electrical Engineering/ Chemical Engineering, Technician or equivalent

Experience: Minimum of 5 years’ experience as Commissioning Engineer in the Industrial Plant business.


The Commissioning Engineer has the following technical skillsets:

  • Deeply understands and has ability to manage contracts for supplying complex plants;
  • Specialty in control systems, networks, programming PLCs, development of SCADA systems and experience with Siemens and Allen Bradley systems.
  • Skilled in understanding technical drawings, documents, specification;
  • Widely, rather that deeply, knowledgeable in all the disciplines involved with the construction and installation (civil, mechanical, electrical, instrumental, etc.);
  • Knowledgeable in construction codes and regulation;
  • Knowledgeable in quality control of all supplies;
  • Experienced is training resources on safety and technical matters
  • Experienced in managing relationship with the Customers;
  • Experienced in leading and coordinating the assigned resources;
  • Knowledgeable in “site” project administration;
  • Ability to manage detailed job schedules;
  • Some experience in purchasing required;
  • Solid Waste / Wastewater / Biogas / Power Generation specific competences.
  • Fluent in English.

How to apply

Use the "Link to Opportunity" above to apply.