European Biomethane Week 2023 Was A Smashing Success

BiogasWorld was very lucky to attend the newly minted European Biomethane Week from October 24 to 26 in Brussels, Belgium.

Clearly, the industry stands ready to collaborate with policymakers and stakeholders, and assist in the transition to a circular economy, however, it must also showcase itself and ensure people can see the potential of biomethane.

The event boasted 650 participants and 49 speakers, which included policymakers within the EC and various member states, industry executives, academics, and civil society partners. In her keynote address, European Commissioner for Energy Kadri Simson emphasized the significance of biomethane in achieving climate targets, fostering the circular bioeconomy, and enhancing energy security across Europe. Simson stated: “With biomethane, we have a solution that is available right now. It can immediately start replacing natural gas, and the large share of imported natural gas. It is a good decarbonization solution, especially in remote rural areas or sectors that would be difficult to electrify. And it is produced, here in Europe, creating jobs, growth and benefiting local communities.”

The event featured discussions that sought to not only answer important questions within the European market, but also topics for improving industry technology and developing policy that can be borrowed and adapted outside of Europe.

In the plenary on the 2030 Biomethane Scale-Up various EU members including France, the Netherlands, and Ireland, shared important details about how they are contributing to meeting the ambitious target of 35 bcm of biomethane by 2030. While ambitious goals fuel the imagination of what we can achieve, it is a favorable regulatory and policy environment, with a clear and transparent permitting framework that will push the industry forward at all levels.

To fully realize the climate benefits of biomethane, facilities must also feature sustainability by design. The EBA highlighted that improving process efficiency and reducing methane slip can be achieved both at the site level, and also within the regulatory level, which would provide the added benefit of improving site safety and odor management. Major industry players including Air Liquide and Veolia also shared their strategies for increasing the sustainability of facilities including automation and predictive maintenance, and the development of CO2 valorization technologies.

BiogasWorld is looking forward to joining Biomethane Week 2024.


Read EBA’s press release for more details

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